King Noah

The only road to enlightenment is through me, my friends.

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Plot Post

“It is my own firm belief that the strength of the soul
grows in proportion as you subdue the flesh.”
- Gandhi 

Noah has recently been released by the PIC back into society. Though he no longer has any intention of killing himself again, he’s still out on a mission to lead others to enlightenment. 
I’d like to see some plots where Noah gains followers and preaches peace and his own brand of enlightenment to Elysium, and possibly gets himself in trouble with the PIC again.
Note: Noah is an intensely sexual being and considers sex to be nothing short of godly. He’ll probably petition to have a group orgy at some point...

Player Info
Name: Alex
Age: 22
Time Zone & Availability: Mountain Time & Daily
AIM (or other IM): ofoakandash
RP Experience: 9 years
Character Info
Fandom (if applicable): Wristcutters: A love story
Name: Noah aka King or The Messiah 
Age: 36
Gender: Male 
Sexual Orientation: Straight  
Location Before Death:  King’s camp (the second time, anyway)
PB (no drawings, please): Will Arnett
Height: 6’2.5’’
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Tone: Lightly tanned
Distinguishing marks/tattoos: 
Style of apparel: Peasant, hippy
Method of Suicide: Stabbing (on both occasions)
Death Date: 2006
Residence: None (nomadic)
Occupation: Missionary
Likes: Dogs, sharp objects, rings, the concept of enlightenment, women
Dislikes: Kneller, meat, ignorant people, opposition.
Allergies: None
Past & Death:
Noah grew up as a single child in an incredibly Mormon family. He ran away from home at age 17, set in his decision to free himself from their multi-god ideals.
By age 25, he convinced himself that he was the Messiah, and was compelled to seek out followers and lead them on the path to a better world.
His first attempt to separate his body from his soul lead him to Elysium. His second attempt lead him to a containment facility controlled by the PIC. 
Personality and Character Mindset: 
Noah, though still leaning toward his old ideals, was reformed in the facility he was forced to stay in by the PIC. 
They released him only under the condition that he wouldn’t attempt suicide again, or encourage others to. They figured he’d be harmless if he went around preaching peace and enlightenment, though they still keep a close eye on him.
Noah’s intent on guiding others toward enlightenment and is genuinely good natured despite his occasional lack of sanity.


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